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Iman Rahimipour

Iman Rahimipour

Musicien, Composer, Instructor

Do you want to learn music the cheap way?

Read this article before starting anything.
I know sometimes getting started with music is not that easy, maybe you have a limited budget, but you are passionate about music.
After searching for music schools and finding a good teacher, now it’s time to buy a musical instrument which sometimes it costs you a lot. Here I want to share with you a way to start music more affordable; my suggestion is Tremolo Harmonica.

Why am I telling you that?

Because it’s cheap in price and easy to learn. You can find a brand new harmonica from only $16 and learn to play your favourite songs in four to six months. ( If you put your effort to practice 30 minutes every day)

Once you learned how to play Tremolo Harmonica and got familiar with the rhythm and music notes, you can choose your instrument wisely. Also, it would be a good start for Chromatic Harmonica and Blues Harp.

How it works:

The Tremolo Harmonica usually build in 24 doubled holes model, which you have two rows of holes. The top and bottom holes are the same notes with a slight difference in tune that make the tremolo effect on harmonica.
The odd holes are blow-notes, and the even holes are draw-notes.
It’s an excellent choice to play folk and popular songs.
Are you interested in learning this instrument? Contact me know.

Learn to play harmonica the easy way


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