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Yeah, that's the question, how to practice music effectively?

How to practice music effectively

We are living in a busy world, and sometimes it’s too difficult to manage the time. Maybe you have just one opportunity or chance to start and learn a profession, art, business, etc.. during your life. Assume you started to learn a musical instrument recently, and you are super excited, but if you can’t manage your time and spend some time for daily practice, you’ll give up. So your priority in how to practice music effectively is time management. 


Ok, so far, so good, you managed your time and freed some time to practice, now the question is how much time you need daily practice?
I don’t want to talk like a school teacher, ” The more you practice, the more you learn.”
I agree with that, but sometimes it’s not possible, so I stick to 30 minutes to one hour per day. If you practice 30 minutes per day, I assure you to play that instrument like a pro after one or two years. Many people say that two years is too long. No, it’s not, assuming that you are investing in your life to learn a new skill. So the second parameter of how to practice music effectively is consistency.

For me, the most crucial part of music is the rhythm; if you don’t have a good understanding of rhythm, it’s impossible to become a good musician. So I strongly recommend you to put your effort to learn the rhythm.

How to Practice Music Effectively?

Always practice with a metronome, it helps you to play consistently. Break down the long and challenging pieces; it helps you to digest the song part by part. It is like completing a puzzle piece by piece. Don’t put your effort on parts that you can play, practice the hard parts.  Practice until you feel comfortable with that piece and then complete your puzzle. So the third one is practice smart.


Be passionate about music or whatever you do, manage your time, practice smart and complete your puzzle, and last but not least, love your best friend metronome.



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