How to get started with Blues Harp?

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The most frequent question that I’ve got asked about blues harp:

  • How do I have to learn and play the blues harp?
  • Is it hard to learn blues harp, or it’s easy?
  • How much daily time do I need to practice?
  • Is blues harp take too much breath, or is it a breathtaking instrument?
  • Can I learn blues harp by myself, or I need to take classes?
  • Is blues harp a powerful instrument to start?

And many similar questions. The point is that you need to start playing this instrument to have a sense of it and what you can do with it. So, the first step is to make your decision and start learning.

Step One

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Buy a good harmonica and start learning. Why you need an excellent harp? Because it’s a wind instrument, and if you use a cheap blues harp, you will struggle with understanding the techniques like bending. Many people think that it’s their problem that they can’t learn the techniques correctly, but it’s not correct. A good quality instrument has a significant role in your progress, so don’t waste your time and buy a good one.

Step Two

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Find a well-explained course or an experienced instructor to show you how to play the blues harp correctly. Maybe you want to search YouTube for the free lessons, this is good, but it’s not enough. To start an effective learning process, you need to commit and have a good instructor always do the job for you. Working with an instructor has other benefits like quick answers to your questions or smart shortcuts to solve your problems. As you know, time is gold, and you don’t have much of it to waste, so save your time and start learning with a teacher.

Step Three

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Start simple and learn the basics. Spend enough time on learning rhythm and making accurate sound on your harmonica. These are the core elements of your harmonica playing; if you can’t play within the rhythm or can’t produce a pure sound from your harmonica, then you are on the wrong path. For becoming a good blues harp player, you need a strong foundation, which is the fundamentals. Always practice with a metronome and record yourself regularly to analyze your progress from day one. It’s useful and fun when you review your old recordings.

Step Four

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Watching and listening to great blues harp players will help you better understand this instrument and know the different aspects of it that you can learn. So watch and listen to blues harp records every day and start to learn music theory.
Here are my top five exercises for starting the blues harp. By doing these exercises, I assure you that you can improve your skills faster.



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