How to clean your blues harp

Iman RP

Iman RP

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It’s crucial to wash your hands before practicing and clean your harmonica regularly in this crazy moment. In this article, I will show you how to clean your blues harp in 5 easy steps.

Step One of Five:

Unscrew the upper and lower cover plates and uncover your harp. I usually put the screws on a white towel to not to lose them because they are very capable to hide from your sight and hard to find.

How to clean your blues harp

Step Two of Five:

For a quick wash, you can rinse the harmonica comb with lukewarm water and tap it to remove the water. After, leave it out of the case to dry.

If you want to clean it more, you can soak it in the water and add a couple of drops of vinegar; I usually add mouth washer to the water for cleaning purposes. Leave harmonica outside the cover to dry.

Step Three of Five:

You can wash the cover plates directly with lukewarm water, normally I use soap to clean it more

Wash the blues harp plate

Step Four of Five:

Use a cotton swab to clean the edges and the hole corners. Do not push it to the sluts that maybe damage the reeds. If you need to do more cleaning, you can use a soft tissue to wipe your harmonica. Keep in mind that not to push the reeds.

Clean the blues harp comb

Step Five of Five:

Reassemble the cover plates; keep in mind that the longer slots should be on the left side, so in this case, you would see the slides with inside reed on top.The top plate has numbers on it, so pay attention to do it correctly.

Assemble all the parts

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The most frequent question that I've got asked about blues harp: How do I have to learn and play the blues harp? Is it hard to learn blues harp, or it's easy? How much daily time do I need to practice? Is blues harp take too much breath, or is it a breathtaking instrument? Can I learn blues harp by myself, or I need to take classes? Is blues harp a powerful instrument to start? And many similar questions. The point is that you need to start playing this instrument to have a sense of it and what you can do with it. So, the first step is to make your decision and start learning.

Don't forget to wash your hand for 20 seconds before practicing

Wash your hand before practice
Wash your hand before practice
Wash your hand for 20 second

Wash your hand, clean your blues harp, and play safe

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