Guitar Chords - A Major Chord

Easy Explained A Major chord on Guitar

A Major Chord is a triad chord which is consist of three notes:

Root: A
3rd: C#
5th: E

There are different ways to play this chord on the guitar. Here I show you the three different open position shapes that you can use to play this chord.
Knowing the different shapes of a chord helps you to choose the best in different situations.
The first shape is the easiest one, and you need just put your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd finger on fret number two on strings number four, three, and two.

A Major Chord Guitar - Iman Music Studio

The second shape is an excellent choice for changing the A chord with D and E alternatively.

A Major Chord Guitar - Ver 2 - Iman Music Studio

And the third shape is mostly used in Flamenco or Spanish style, but also, it’s trendy in other styles like Pop, Jazz, Bluegrass, and so on.

A Major Chord Guitar - Ver 3 - Iman Music Studio

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