Guitar Chords - Bb Major Chord

Easy Explained Bb Major chord on Guitar

Today I’m going to show you a new guitar chord, Bb.

Bb Major is a triad chord which is consist of three notes:

  • Root: Bb
  • 3rd: D
  • 5th: F

There are different ways to play this chord on the guitar in different positions. Here I show you a simple version of it on the first guitar position. 

Bb Major Chord diagram

To hold Bb Major, you need to put your first finger on the first fret of the first string, which is F, and put your second finger on the fourth string, fret number three, which is another F.

Then put your third finger on the third string, fret number three (Bb note), and lastly, put your fourth finger on the second string, fret number three, D note.
Be aware not to play the fifth and sixth strings. You can mute these strings by using your left-hand thumb.

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