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I am a guitar and harmonica player, composer, arranger, and music instructor with over 20 years of experience in teaching and performing. I’m a passionate music teacher, and I always try to find easy ways to teach music and help my students take their music skills to the next level.

I’ve been a musician for over two decades. I started playing rock guitar and blues guitar when I was 17, then I got my music diploma in Guitar and passed a Jazz composition course with Berklee Online. I started working as a guitar instructor around the same time, and now I teach private lessons.

Also, Iman is accredited by and David Barrett as a blues harmonica instructor. He founded Permonica Band – Persian Harmonica Band – in 2011 and has had many performances and achievements.

He is one of the pioneers in Iran’s Harmonica, and many of his students are teaching Guitar and Harmonica.

I’ve been in the music industry for more than a decade. I started as a recording engineer, working on many different recording sessions. These days, I offer mix and mastering services from my home studio.

I offer guitar lessons, harmonica lessons, ukulele lessons, and music theory.

I’m passionate about music and love helping other musicians achieve their vision. I’m always happy to chat about music – feel free to get in touch!

During all the years that I’ve started teaching music, I had many students with many success stories. Many of them are playing in bands, and many of them started their career as a music instructor.
You can read some of these stories on my Google.

Michelle Refani
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I started learning guitar virtually with Iman only few months ago. I am super happy with my decision to choose him as my mentor and teacher. He is professional, organized and experienced, not only with instruments but also in teaching, which has made the process smooth and fun. It is important to me that he has been positive, patient and caring. I also find his Youtube channel informative and it helps me follow my practice after each session. It shows in all his work that he is passionate about everything he is doing... I strongly recommend his services to anyone wanting to learn music.
MJ Alipour
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We live in California and my 10-year-old daughter is a piano player and she was passionate for learning another instrument. We were introduced to Iman through our piano instructor. She is so excited about learning Harmonica after taking classes with Iman for the last 3 months. His online instructions are providing a positive and nurturing environment and his distinct technique and daily follow up during the weekdays keeps my daughter focused on practice assignments while enjoying every class. As a consequence, my 7-year-old son got interested to learn how to play harmonica and we just had our 1st lesson for my son. I highly recommend Iman’s profession for learning music!

About Iman Music Studio

Iman Music Studio is one of the most reputable music schools across the GTA. We have a 5-star rating and offer high-quality courses. Courses at our institution offer state-of-the-art learning environments for students to learn, grow and expand their knowledge.

We offer online private lessons for guitar, harmonica, ukulele, and music theory. Also, we offer music production, arrangement, and sound design services. Whatever your needs may be, we can accommodate you.

Music is one of the universal languages. It is a critical element of culture, expression, and communication. At The Iman Music Studio, we understand that music can represent many different things to each person for their reasons.

Our mission is to help people pursue their musical goals through exceptional service and the highest quality equipment. Contact us today to get started!




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Iranian musician Iman Rahimipour was born in 1979. He graduated in civil engineering and start of artistic life and music in 1996. At the first he played his music with a guitar and the next year started learning the blues, after that Iman was involved with Rock and Heavy Metal music.

From 2000, he started learning harmonica from 2012, succeeded to pass some courses with Franz Chmel and David Barrett and also Howard Levy. Since 2011 he plays on a Gypsy Jazz style band.

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Il y a quelques années, en parcourant Internet, pour enrichir mon site harmonicacontact avec de nouveaux liens, j’ai trouvé un portail de l’harmonica en Iran.L’idée d’imaginer l’harmonica en Iran, les portes que cela pouvait ouvrir à l’harmonica, peut être à de nouveaux styles de musique: c’était comme un nouveau trésor. 

Alors quand j’ai découvert la pageharmonicaevents sur Facebook, j’ai fait le lien avec Iman Rahimipour. L’initiative de Iman était dans le même esprit que l’agenda d’harmonica dont j’ai lancé l’idée pour la Francophonie en Europe, et que je souhaiterai développer pour le monde entier.
Son ouverture d’esprit, ses idées et initiatives en Iran et au delà des frontières pour développer l’harmonica, et communiquer au travers de la musique, furent autant de raisons qui m’ont données envie de faire sa connaissance. 

Fin décembre 2013 je prenais donc contact avec Iman pour parler de harmonicaevents. Peut être, un jour, nous pourrions faire quelque chose de magique ensemble pour l’harmonica… Le plaisir de la rencontre Internet a été immédiat et réciproque. Je pensais déjà à cet entretien. J’espère que vous aurez autant de plaisir à le lire, que moi à le faire avec 

Iman Plays harmonica