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Iman Rahimipour

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Wash your hands, wash your harmonica and play safe

In this crazy moment, it’s very crucial to wash your hands before practicing and also clean your harmonica regularly. In this article, I am going to show you how you can clean your blues harp easily.

Step 1:

Unscrew the upper and lower cover plates and uncover your harp. I usually put the screws on a white towel to not to lose them because they are very capable to hide from your sight and hard to find.


Step 2:

For a quick wash, you can rinse the harmonica comb with lukewarm water and tap it to remove the water. After, leave it out of the case to dry.

If you want to clean it more, you can soak it in the water and add a couple of drops of vinegar; I usually add mouth washer to the water for cleaning purposes. Leave harmonica outside the cover to dry.


Step 3:

You can wash the cover plates directly with lukewarm water, normally I use soap to clean it more


Step 4:

Use a cotton swab to clean the edges and the hole corners. Do not push it to the sluts that maybe damage the reeds.


Step 5:

Reassemble the cover plates; keep in mind that the longer slots should be on the left side, so in this case, you would see the slides with inside reed on top.The top plate has numbers on it, so pay attention to do it correctly.


Don't forget to wash your hand for 20 seconds before practicing


Wash your hand, clean your harmonica and stay safe



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