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About Iman

“I am a guitar and harmonica player, composer, arranger, and music instructor with over 20 years of experience in teaching and performing. I always try to find easy ways to teach music and help my students to take their music skills to the next level.

Iman started playing rock and blues guitar when he was 17, then he got his music diploma in Guitar and passed Jazz composition course with Berklee Online. Also, Iman is accredited by and David Barrett as a blues harmonica instructor. He founded Permonica Band – Persian Harmonica Band – in 2011, and has had many performances from that time.
I offer one on one and online music lessons for all ages.
guitar and harmonica lessons with Iman Rahimipour

Online Music Lessons, Guitar, Harmonica, and Ukulele

Guitar Lessons


Learn how to play one of the most popular musical instruments in the world, the guitar. The guitar is one of the powerful musical instruments that you can learn and play. That’s why many of the songwriters play guitar because it’s great to play in many different music styles and genres.​

Harmonica Lessons

Iman Plays Hohner CrossOver Blues Harp - Harmonica with Iman - Iman Music Studio

If you’re looking to start playing harmonica, but you don’t know how to start or from where I offer you the best online harmonica lessons. Hi, I am Iman, a music instructor with more than 20 years of experience teaching and playing guitar and harmonica.​

Learn music from anywhere on any device:

Guitar, harmonica, ukulele, music theory online lessons

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What Others Say About Iman's Guitar and harmonica Lessons

Benjamin Tremblay Carpentier​
Harmonica Vaudeville
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Iman Is A Great Player And A Great Teacher! If You Have The Chance To Work With Him, Don't Hesitate And Jump In The Fun Of Learning How To Play!
Joseph Andrew
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Iman Is An Excellent Teacher, We Always Have A Laugh Or Two. He Has Been Teaching Me Harmonica For Over A Month And I Am Really Enjoying It As A Side Hobby. He's Easy Going But Stresses The Importance Of Learning Specific Techniques. Thank You, Iman.
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Iman Offers Enjoyable Harmonica Lessons. I Do Them Remote By Video Call Which Works Well With Him. The Course Is Organized And He Is Passionate And Patient. There Is An Online Platform That Gives You Inspiration And Further Material. Good Teacher For Learning Folk Tunes.
Paulo Sertek​
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I Would Highly Recommend Iman To Anyone Interested In Guitar Lessons. He Is Passionate About Music And That Translates Into A Solid Learning Experience.